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Decoral® Decorative Coatings


  Decoral® is a unique system of decorative powder coating that can easily transform the appearance
of any metal or aluminum products to realistically look like wood or stone.

The Decoral unique and patented technology enables the simulation of wood grain, marble, granite and custom pattern finishes on metal and aluminum through the use of decorative powder coating.

WW Custom Clad is the areas only licensed applicator of Decoral Finishes.

All metals can be decorated, but aluminum and steel are the most common.

Metals can be molded, machined or shaped even after the wood grain coating is applied.
The wood grain on metal and aluminum wood grain finish is so realistic that it’s almost undistinguishable from real wood, even from a close visual inspection.

The Decoral system of powder coating permeate the entire thickness of the coating and as a result, the coating cannot be removed by normal rubbing, chipping or scratching.

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